We specialize in modern IT solutions and implementations for shopping centres and office buildings, where cooperation between traditional IT services and technical innovations is needed. The main feature of our services is complex realisation beginning from the wiring project up to providing services to tenants at the end.

Modern IT solution with innovation software allows the provision of:

Telecom services (analogue line, BRA, PRA)
Internet access (ADSL/SDSL)
Private network (VLAN)

Our knowledge and considerable experience permit us to negotiate individual SLA (Service Level Agreement) for our clients to get maximum safety and in case of any breakdown, guarantee swift and efficient repairs.
What are the advantages of such cooperation?

The owners/operators or managers of the shopping centre don’t need to waste valuable time in finding and supervising a myriad of service providers. For our customers our offer means one provider with many IT solutions and access to new technologies. Our company cooperates with a group of verified, professional IT equipment suppliers that guarantee a high standard of service level and fast response.

We offer complex administration to those shopping centres which:

Have problems with IT systems
Want to keep order in shafts, without tangles of many cables from different operators
Don’t want to employ additional personnel in a technical department and prefer outsourcing services
Want to increase their data safety
Want to use their infra-structure in the most effective way
Don’t want or don’t have time to implement new solutions
Want to give internet access by HotSpot to customers
Want to cut their costs
Call3.pl Sp. z. o. o. has been around since 2006 and is registered as an Operator
in Office of Electronic Communications (registration number 7273).