As a registered operator we provide telecom traffic termination services to all Polish networks: fixed and mobiles. Besides, we specialise in concentrating foreign traffic and pushing it abroad from Poland. Also we are an international traffic exchange operator. We have direct routes connections in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe region.
Voice calls are delivered with the best economic efficiency being achieved by sophisticated routing and real-time network monitoring. International calls are routed to carriers, carefully selected and tested by our R&D team. We offer VoIP termination services at very attractive rates. Owning to our operator's experience we can guarantee high quality connections through our network. We invite telecom operators from all around the world, who offer voice services to carriers and retail operators, to cooperate with us. Our offers are for every company, doesn't matter how great corporation or how fresh on telecom market you are.Our mission is to be the number one choice of carrier services for Poland routes and leading operator in the region.We address the needs of domestic and international telecom operators. We commit to understand and satisfy our Partners' needs. Our services allow customers to enjoy the highest quality, along with lower costs.The expertise of our sales team and the technical assistance of the 24h Network Operations Center create solid ground for a comprehensive, mutually beneficial cooperation. Carrier Team has an individual approach to customise services to our clients. We provide flexible capacity and quality delivery of services to you and your customers.

Numbering Plans

We offer Polish domestic numbers: DID, special numbers, fix, premium rates, revenue share, IN lines and others. We also provide numbering plans in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide services like call-forwarding for company that want to offer localised service for their customers. Inbound DID numbering for providers of internet telephony services, VoIP operators, calling card services, local exchange carriers etc.
Our service provides DID numbers at low monthly or yearly costs with flexible channel and routing options. We have no minimum commitment requirements. This service has been designed to provide DID at wholesale price for any business capable of accepting IP-peered calls. We offer wholesale savings for volume customers and DID resellers.Contact us if you need some of them in competetive rates. If you have any request of other usage of them just let us know. We are wide open for new ideas. Sp. z. o. o. has been around since 2006 and is registered as an Operator
in Office of Electronic Communications (registration number 7273).